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Poking up like the ears of a bear peeking out over the land, Bears Ears National Monument celebrates the culture, history, and connection of modern-day Native Americans to their ancestral homelands and preserves the human and natural marvels of this landscape. Bears Ears National Monument is a landmark of conservation, unity, and respect, and a place of healing, nourishment, and beauty for all.

Bears Ears is home to thousands of archaeological and cultural sites that are well over 13,000 years old, Ancestral Puebloans built dwellings, granaries, kivas, towers, villages, and ancient road systems linking them together. The numerous and varied collections of ruins are found in the south region of the Monument. They spread from remote areas, to the 110 mile long monocline of Comb Ridge.

Currently there are no fees or permits required to visit the Sash Jaa Unit of Bears Ears National Monument. The area is open year-round, The ideal time to visit the area is late February through early June and August through October. 

The south area of Bears Ears National Monument, Shash Jaa unit, starts just 15 miles from Blanding.


The Shash Jaa Unit starts 14 miles east of Blanding. To reach the eastern edge of the monument, travelers will drive 3 miles south of Blanding and head west on Highway 95. From there, the monument spans many miles in many directions. Click Here to see some of the most popular sites.

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